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Learning Standup Comedy For Today’s Tough Crowd

Are you thinking of becoming a standup comic because you’ve repeatedly been told that you’re naturally very funny… you really enjoy the way people think you’re funny… and actually it’s some kind of a power trip to keep a group of people in stitches hanging on to your next words!

Making a living doing a regular comedy routine 2 or 3 hours a day, earning applause and laughter while traveling to places around the country hardly seems like ‘work’ to you… You might be dreaming of graduating from the local gigs you’re now getting to some more prestigious assignments, but think again… you might need to consider taking formal standup classes!

A lot of the classes are offered for short periods of a few weeks, and only a few hours per day or evening… there are advantages in being thrown in with a group of people having similar attitudes and reactions to life’s situations… with chances to hone your skills against new competition. Opportunities to perform are also part of the class experience.

They’ll actually teach you how to deliver a joke. Think about it. Did you ever hear a joke that one person told and it was a real scream that when told by somebody else fell flat as a pancake? It’s all in the delivery, and a formal training can greatly help with that delivery.

Then there’s the matter of leaving your familiar environment where you’re likely to be getting the kind of support that reinforces your belief in yourself. In this business you also need to develop a thick skin… not everyone is going to like you and some may flat out boo you off the stage!

Just imagine a possible 8 weeks amidst strangers who aren’t influenced by any familiar ties… that alone would allow you to take a good look at your career choice. Supposing that experience has fortified your resolution to pursue your career in the world of comedy, there are certainly great resources you can find right at home to continue honing your comedy writing and delivery skills.

Today’s world of entertainment offers many different paths, there’s a lot of comedy around but not all of it is live. People have 100 cable stations to watch and we have enough television comedians to please different tastes.


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