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How to Write Stand Up Comedy Jokes

Those people who take up stand up comedy as their profession always have one question in their minds. How to write stand up comedy jokes? This is a question asked by almost every amateur stand up comedian. This article will help you solve this question.

Take a paper and pen and start thinking of words that are important to you. Look up words around your family and friends. Secondly make these words your topics. Then think about some weird things you find about that word. Your emotions are attached with these words. Try phrasing these words in a funny way. Write 10 funny things about them. Now attach a gesture to the funny things you have noted about these jokes. This represents half about how to write stand up comedy jokes.

The most important thing a stand up comedy learner should know is that the gesture attached to your writings is the thing which makes people laugh. 80% of the laugh you receive on the joke you make is obtained from the gesture. The remaining 20% are on the content of your joke. After selecting the right gesture, act the whole joke in front of a mirror and if you laugh on that then the public will surely laugh. Now you should act out the performance in front of your friends to get the affirmation that you have made a good joke.

When learning how to write stand up comedy jokes, once you have made a joke record it, record the gesture of the joke, give more importance to the way you say the joke. Listen to it over and over, play it in different settings and among different people to be sure that your joke is funny. If any editing is required then make the corrections according to the comments of your listeners.

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